The Fife High School Booster Club relies on the support of our community.  If you are interested, there are many ways to support the students and staff at Fife High.  Come on down to one of our meetings or send us a message for more information.

President -             Kevin Ringus                            Trojan Gear -              Bryn/Joseph Rodriguez

Vice President -      Nick de la Cruz                         Staff Appreciation -     Donna Murray

Secretary -             Katie Strom

Treasurer -             Bobbie de la Cruz


The Fife High School Booster Club is an action-oriented group of parents and administrators working together in support of the outstanding student body at Fife High School.  The goal is to help fund a variety of groups and activities on campus that lead to student success.


Fife High School Booster Club

PO Box 1166

Milton, WA  98354


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