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Membership in the Trojan Hall of Fame honors alumni, staff members, and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding ability, leadership, character, personal drive, and dedication.  These honored alumni, staff, and community members are people who exemplify the tradition of excellence fostered at Fife High School.  Their lives and accomplishments serve to inspire our students at Fife High School and throughout the Fife School District.  This program of recognition will reinforce to the students the importance of a sound educational foundation.


A candidate should be either a Fife High School graduate/attendee, or a former faculty member or administrator, or a former non-faculty school district employee, or an individual who has made exceptional contributions to the Fife High School community.


Nominees should have graduated from or attended Fife High School at least 10 years prior to nomination or 


retired from service from Fife Schools prior to nomination,  or made noteworthy contributions to the Fife High School community. Or

A nominee has gained recognition in his/her field of endeavor and/or made noteworthy contributions to that field or in community service. Or


A nominee has demonstrated leadership, character, and service that exemplify the principles, philosophy, and mission of the Fife School District and the FHS Booster Club – Alumni Committee.


The FHS Booster Club – Alumni Committee will review each submitted application.  Candidate selection requires a majority vote of the Committee.


The procedure and nomination form will be published on the FHS Booster Club – Alumni Committee web page.  Individuals may be informed by email.  The current nomination application is attached.

According to the criteria stated above, anyone may submit a completed nomination form for consideration.  Individuals may not nominate themselves.  Posthumous nominations will be accepted.

The Committee will meet and review all nominations.  The Committee will choose up to  five (5) candidates each year for induction to the Trojan Hall of Fame.  Nominations will be kept on file and reconsidered for the next two years.  After three years, a candidate must be re-nominated for consideration.


Inductees will be introduced during a special ceremony at Homecoming or another significant school celebration.


A display that identifies the inductees and their achievements will be placed in an appropriate location in the school.

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